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A freshwater buffer is a chemical "system" of blended potassium and sodium phosphate salts designed to help resist pH-drop, called acidification. Depending on the specific blend of chemicals in the buffer, it should hold a given pH "target" until fish -loads, fish wastes, acid-rain, and dilution from partial water changes eventually weaken the buffers holding capacity, and then more buffer should be added to re-establish the pH-target. NO BUFFER LASTS INDEFINITELY! NO BUFFER EFFECTIVELY RAISES AND LOWERS A pH TO A GIVEN TARGET pH!
  • Freshwater pH buffers "work" according to rigid chemical performance parameters. Despite creative copy and fancy buffer names found on competitive products, these buffers cannot be added to water and automatically adjust any pH up and /or down to the target of that buffer, and then hold that target.
  • Buffers can lower a pH to a target and then hold that target for awhile, but buffers cannot quite fully raise the pH to the holding level without first using a pH increaser like Magfloat Labs' pH-EASE: IncreaseÔ to raise it to the target, and then it will hold that target. SUCH THE ESTABLISHED NATURE OF BUFFERS!

Target-EASE™ 8.2
Freshwater pH Buffer
For freshwater fish that require a pH of 7.5 such as goldfish and koi.

Reef and Marine pH Buffer & Alkalinity Supplement
The primary functions of the pH buffers are to resist pH-drop (acidification), and to prevent the pH increase (alkalinize). This buffer also helps to reestablish a target pH level after making partial water changes.
Target-EASE™ 8.2  
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